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Our Staff





Frank - Veterinary Technician:

Frank is originally from Long Island, NY and joined us in June of 2016. He especially enjoys cleaning your pets' teeth! When he's not treating pet periodontal disease he spends his time skateboarding (which he's been doing since 1999). He also collects vinyl records and cassettes and likes to watch horror movies and go to live concerts.

Kirsten - Client Care Specialist

Kirsten was born and raised in Colorado. She lived briefly in Richmond, VA before spending 13 years in Chicago, 3 years in Santa Fe, and finally returning to Manitou Springs. She joined us at Clearview in July of 2018. At the clinic, she loves watching health progress of happy, healthy pets. When not at work, she spends time exploring the outdoors with Uno, an 8-year-old dog adopted from PAWS in Chicago. She also enjoys sightseeing drives, taking photos of everything, podcasts, music, museums, and design.

Sam - Veterinary Technician:

Sam is from Manitou Springs and joined us in June of 2019. He has a special love for cats, and also enjoys helping identify and treat parasites as well as working with all our laboratory equipment. When not at work, he enjoys swimming, competitive video games, and taking naps. Sam has a large family of pets. Princess Badass is a cat who can't be trusted not to knock cups onto the floor. Gizmo is a gentle giant of a Norwegian Forest Cat. Stella is a polydactyl cat (has extra toes) who loves to snuggle. Burnt Toast is a nearsighted kitty who loves wet cat food and hiding in boxes. Jackal is the lone dog, a sweet beagle mix who loves treats, cuddling, and trips to the dog park. Sam himself is the youngest in a family of 14 kids.